IT Services

We provide fast and responsive IT maintenance service on top of low downtime and thorough migration and computer relocation services. We also offer reliable on-site engineers that you can depend your IT needs on.

1. Maintenance

Keep things moving smoothly with routine IT servicing and maintenance.


2. Computer Relocation

We can help you with:

  1. Computer relocation during office moves
  2. Handle decommission & recommission with testing of computers when you relocate
  3. Post-relocation support


3. Migration Services

We plan the movement of your existing services to new machines and networks, on premise or to cloud or hybrid. We will identify the risks involved and the potential issues that need to be addressed.

Move your existing services to new machines and networks with ease be it on cloud or hybrid systems. Be assured that our staff will thoroughly identify potential risk and plan accordingly to avoid them during the migration.


4. IT Manpower Outsourcing

Need an IT expert round the clock for daily tech needs? Get our professional IT personnel at your premises so that your own IT team focus on their more important work. Our staff can also teach your team to use the new equipment.


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